The weSTEM High School Conference is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and locally engaged initiative, designed to promote diversity and female presence in the STEM fields in and beyond the United Arab Emirates by helping high school girls prepare for successful college studies and a career in STEM. Check out the video from the 2019 conference here.

Four Annual Conference

We will soon be releasing the date of the Forth Annual weSTEM High School Conference. This conference will focus on developing basic skill sets for girls who aspire to work in STEM. The conference will consist of a series of sessions focusing on career development within the STEM field as well as workshops that teach basic coding and lab-work, and a competition meant to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Stay Tuned!

Vision/Mission Statement:

To create a generation of students in the UAE with the passion, motivation and tools to carry through more innovative, more meaningful and better developed scientific research.

We aim to provide the tools for ambitious students with the passion in STEM that will enable them to build stronger science and engineering projects to compete on an national, regional and an international level.


The series of workshops aims to provide high school students with the tools necessary to better develop, manage and communicate scientific projects on a national, regional and an international level. Based on past experience, we have come to a number of topics we would like to address through these workshops: ideation, research, documentation, presentation, communication, coordination, and networking. These skills are not specific to the STEM field, yet they can be a determining factor between a merely good and a memorable, worthwhile project.